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Professional satellite receivers are important for TV head-end stations which work 24/7. The multichannel SAT receivers have RF inputs, CI slots and ASI TS outputs


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Professional multichannel encoders have HDMI or SDI inputs and ASI TS outputs, supports H.264 and/or H.265 codecs. The HD encoder is useful for TV studios, TV head-end stations


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Our DVB-S/S2/C/T scramblers are multichannel digital video broadcasting servers which include integrated multiplexer, scrambler and modulator — all in one device


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ASI TS multichannel multiplexers have PID auto remapping function and option of EPG. The ASI TS multiplexer is useful for TS remultiplexing at TV studios and TV head-end stations


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DVB-S/S2/T/C multichannel modulators have ASI (or IP) inputs and RF outputs. The DVB modulator is useful for TV studios, TV head-end, TV link and TV repeater stations


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Digital Video Mixers are TV signal (from camera or other source) switchers. Such digital TV switcher is useful for TV studios and TV head-end stations and can be used as desktop and portable (mobile) applications


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IP Streamers

Multichannel IP TV streamers support UDP and/or RTP protocols, unicast and/or multicast broadcasting formats, VBR and/or CBR stream modes. The IP streamer is useful for content broadcasting in IPTV networks


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RF distribution

Professional RF distribution equipment includes combiner-equalizers, power supplying crossovers, etc. The RF distribution is useful for combining the several independent IF carriers with power adjustment and AGC for each channel and power supplying


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DVB boards for professional TV equipment

Professional DVB boards are used in professional TV equipment such as L-band DVB-S-S2-T modulators with ASI and/or IP inputs, DVB-S-S2 receivers with RF L-band and/or IP and/or ASI outputs, DVB regenerators with remote IP management via Ethernet