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Associated Equipment

Thumb amplifiers umt


Amplifiers without filter is designed for satellite communication and navigation systems and receivers sensitivity increasing, and with integrated filter – to protect respective equipment from noise and out of band frequencies


Thumb power injectors umt

Power Injectors

Power injectors can supply LNB and/or BUC with DC from a single power source; have integrated options, such as 10 MHz reference


Thumb reference generators umt

Reference Generators

Reference generators have high stable oscillators and provide 10 MHz reference for BUC and/or LNB which need external reference


Thumb power supplies umt

Power Supplies

Power supply units of 12 - 24 VDC have stabilized voltage source ±1V, output short circuit protection and fuse. Power supplies are used for the receiving and transmitting units (e.g. LNB and/or BUC) power supplying through the DC injectors


Thumb rf divider umt

RF combiner-dividers

RF dividers (passive combiners) is used for L-band signal dividing (combining) from 1 input to 2 or 4 outputs (from 2 or 4 inputs to 1 outputs). RF dividers (combiners) have SMA and/or F and/or N-type connectors.


Thumb default

RF filters

Filters: Band pass filter Bandstop filter Low pass filter High pass filter